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At Time Lines Etc. we believe that one of the best ways that we can help preserve the liberty that has made America great is to know and understand the principles described in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore, we are presently offering a free gift.

Whenever you place an order with us we will send you a complementary pocket copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The cover features a painting of George Washington offering you, the reader, a quill pen. Would you have been one of the signers if you had attending the Constitutional Convention in 1787?

An important part of preserving our liberty is being informed so that we can support candidates who understand and support Constitutional Principles.

We highly recommend the Student/Teacher Study program Promises of the Constitution.  The text contains 132 mini lessons written in clear, enjoyable 1 1/2 page sections that can be read in 5 minutes. The complete program includes the text, a workbook, and answer book.  Learn more by going to 

Learning about history as well as about  current issues is key in preserving our liberty.  For over 60 years the John Birch Society (JBS) has been working to expose efforts to undermine our Constitution and our  freedoms and to help citizens engage with elected officials and others to preserve our liberty.  Go to to check out current action projects, free videos, and educational materials, etc. The free video series Myths vs Facts provides a well-researched alternative view of history by Art Thompson, author of  To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments (The History of the First 100 Years of the War Against God and the Constitution, 1776- 1876, and Its Modern Impact.)

Consider subscribing to The New American (TNA) magazine which is published twice a month. Its well-researched articles provide an important alternative to the to the one sided information disseminated by the controlled mainstream media. TNA includes Freedom Index  in two issues each year.  This index analyses the Constitutionality of  ten bills or resolutions voted on in Senate and ten in the House.  Each US Senator and Representative is then given a score based on how they voted on those key issues. 

Finally, we  recommend  the  National Center for Constitutional Studies website where you will find many additional resources such as The Making of America and The Five Thousand Year Leap, NCCS also offers a free online seminar designed to educate Americans in the important principles of freedom. 

National Center for Constitutional Studies

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