Time Lines Etc.


Time Lines Etc.T.M. products have been student and parent tested.
Here is what some of them have to say:

It is fun to sing the history of the United States. I like the pictures for Ancient Civilizations. But my favorite is the Middle Ages! I like the Vikings the most.
(Gavin, age 7)
The time lines are fun to do. They help me keep dates straight and world events in correct order. They are easy to learn with the hand gestures. The pictures make it easy to visualize historical events.
(Stephanie, age 14)
I like it when we race to see how fast we can say the inventions. Studying the inventions makes me want to be a scientist. I like the pictures that show the gears and how things work on the inside.
(Garrett, age 11)
I like the pictures because I can picture the events. The pictures help me understand what happened and then I can remember the stories that go with them.
(Ansley, age 9)
When I was ten years old, I learned all the Presidents of the United States using the "Know the Presidents" activity. Now I am taking U.S. history in high school. Knowing the presidents as well as the history in action helps me make good grades. I know a lot more than other students do.
(Melanie, age 15)
I like all the inventions. I like the robots best. I want to invent some things too.
(Trenton, age 5)
The time line tells me the order of things, which things come first. It clears everything up.
(Dallan, age 11)
I am preparing to take the Advanced Placement History Exam for United States history. I think the time line is cool because as I learn about various events and read different books I can picture where things fit in the overall picture.
(Shayla, age 16)
I think it has been really been fun to learn about the inventions. It is fun to do the "History in Action." I am now learning the dates. Knowing the order of the inventions helps me understand the other things that were happening in history and what life was like.
(Cierra, age 13)
I like the walk through. I like Columbus. I want and ship and a sword like his.
(Royce, age 5)
I love using our time line for ancient history. I really like the write ups. The brightly colored pictures are so beautiful. I like using them to illustrate the reports I do for my notebook.
(Heather, age 17)
I just like the colors and how the figures go with the stories. I like Alexander the Great mostly, because we studied Greece and I can relate to him and his life. I like the inventions too, especially the space ship and the computer.
(Glen, age 13)
I like the pictures of Hammurabi, Noah, Ruth, and Daniel. I like putting the pictures on summaries. They make my reports look good.
(Annalise, age 10)
It's good to have a visual with dates that you an look at. I especially like the Inventions with the American History.
(Brian, age 15)

I home school four of our children (ages 9. 11. 15, 17) Your time lines have made the difference between my teaching history and just pretending it doesn't exist. Without your materials teaching history seemed too overwhelming. I just couldn't dig through all the available information to find out what was really important. But now this important part of our curriculum is "do-able". I love time lines and so do my children!
(Becky McKenzie, Idaho)

We have the time line up in our dining room. My school age children (ages 5, 9, 11, 14 & 16) love it when company comes and asks what it is. Then they get to explain it and in unison recite the US HISTORY IN ACTION. People are impressed with their knowledge of history and how much they enjoy what they are learning in home school.
(Kim Handy, Michigan)

We have been using the INVENTIONS packet along with our science curriculum. We laminated the pictures and put them on a ring so we can use them in the car as well as at home. Our three year old watched while our son, 8, and daughter,11, learned the history in action. By the time he was four years old, he could recite it all by himself complete with the hand actions. We now have a one year old who loves to watch us do the history in action. He even tries to do it with us!
(Julia Roberts, South Carolina)

Your time line products have made it easier for me to teach and remember the wonderful things we are learning about history. I love the helps that come in the packets, especially the mini fold out time line for ancient history and the historical summaries. The MIDDLE AGES summaries are a favorite. My children are excited about learning. They always come running for history because it is fun and they like creating their own individual notebooks, notebooks that will last a lifetime. The principle-based study guide has taught me how to pull out principles from the things we study. I especially like the personal applications. I can tell that my children are learning good values and getting a solid education. The children are taking ownership of the things we learn in school, and I am confident that I am doing a good job in home schooling them. History is so much easier now! Our beautifully illustrated time line has also become a major decor item in our home. I am pleased for company to see it.
(Diane Brownlee, Utah)

We have a lot of fun writing our reports. With timelines we can look at every thing as a whole. They help us see the relationship and correlation of different events.
(Art Brownlee. Utah)

I am the founding director of American Heritage Independent Studies, Las Vegas, Nevada. We instruct 87 students, grades 1 through 8. Our program is expanding and our enrollment is increasing each year. Next year we will have over one hundred students in grades K through 10. History is a major part of our cirriculum. Woodrow Wilson said, "A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about." Without a systematic way of approaching and reviewing history, it becomes a blurr. Using the time lines helps cement the people and events of history in the children's minds. Your Old Testament, US History, Ancient Civilization, and Middle Ages time lines fit right in with what we are studying.
(Kathy Jackson, Nevada)