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Biographical Report Form for U.S. History

Columbus, Coronado (or other explorer), John Smith, Pocahontas, William Bradford, Miles Standish, Chief Massasoit, Squanto, Roger Williams, William Penn, Lord Baltimore, King George III, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson ( or other signers of the Declaration of Independence) etc.

  1. Choose a person of historical significance that we have studied or one we will be learning about soon. Use the list above or think of someone else.


  2. When and where did he/she live?


  3. What did he or she do that was important?


  4. Make a personal time line for this person. List at least 8 events of significance that took place in this person's life and put them in order. If possible include the place where each event occured.

    1. Birth:
    2. Death:
  5. Did this person help advance the cause of liberty or other purposes of the Lord? How?


  6. How did this person's talents or events in his life prepare him or her to accomplish what he did?


  7. What characteristics did this person have that you would like to (or not like to) develop in your own life?


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